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Garnet Frost “Nearly Done”

Poem by Garnet Frost, transcribed from the film Garnet’s Gold.

Of all the things I nearly done,
I nearly met the Aga Khan,
I nearly buzzed the Southern Piers
With Avis in his death machine
I nearly traversed across the desert
On a camel with a Bedouin
I nearly painted golden towers
I nearly practised the guitar for hours

I nearly saw the meaning of a suffering soul
I nearly stormed the pitch and scored a goal
I nearly entered my account on time
I nearly was an honest man

Of all the things I nearly done
When all that’s nearly done is though
What’s done, what isn’t, when the bell has rung and there is nothing left to nearly do.
If I can’t grasp a late degree
I’ll ever say,
It was for the lack of loving thee
So let my heart be open and my way be true and let me put aside the things I nearly done and bring me daily closer to the things that I do do.

Now that is lovely. There is also an interview with Garnet Frost and Ed Perkins (director) on eyeforfilm.co.uk.