Short Bio – Stephen Samuel

Currently, I’m an academic at the University of Reading. I research and teach public international law, jurisprudence and English private law. A key research activity concerns the preparation of my doctoral thesis into a monograph. My thesis explored the notion of professional responsibility amongst international lawyers.


Generally, my research interests focus on the extent to which international legal theory supports international legal practice. I am particularly interested in the various ‘universal’ characterisations of law, the role such characterisations play in the practice of international law, in the ways international lawyers think about their profession, and, how one reflects upon the relevance of international lawyers in political and moral debates. As such, I am interested in many contemporary debates concerning ethics and their relations to international law.

I am very much a ‘child of the commonwealth’. A Singaporean, born and bred, I have also been fortunate to maintain links with my ‘Indian roots’ and can even call a small place in the Western Ghats of Kerala as ‘home’. Prior to coming to the UK in 2008 for the LLM in International Law and World Order programme, I was lucky to also have called Australia ‘home’, where I completed my LLB at the University of Melbourne. Meeting my future partner in Melbourne marked a turning point and my move to Europe. Most certainly, her ‘Finnish roots’ have also been a huge positive influence in recent years.