“I Am 70” Video Series #UN70 #IWD2016

Came across a series of videos produced by United Nations’ Department of Public Information. The number of “views” for these videos were surprisingly low. I enjoyed them and thought to share it. Note, they are ‘feel good’ biographical stories rather than being of academic or professional interest.

There are three installments to this video series. (The fourth video below pulls the three together). Each of the videos are just over a couple of minutes in length, and worth a quick look. For teachers and lecturers, the videos might be useful pre-discussion or pre-teaching material. Especially if needing to find the ‘right tone’ or ‘pitch’ before a more in depth discussion with younger learners about the United Nations.

In light of yesterday’s International Women’s Day celebrations (IWD2016), the third video featuring an Indian female doctor is particularly topical.

The videos were published by the UN on youtube in December 2015 just prior to christmas. Might explain the low viewing stats.

  1. Tom Hoffman(“I became a lawyer because I wanted to help others as I was helped. I try to help people who have been unjustly convicted and try to save them as I was saved.”)
  2. Ban Ki Moon
  3. Usha Rai

The consolidated video (8 minutes): “This compelling series highlights extraordinary 70 year old people, born in the same year the United Nations was founded. The series of three short videos, each told ‘in their own words’, is an unforgettable look at life, legacy and the ideals to which we all aspire.”