Daily Archives: October 28, 2014

Writing: Discarding Text & Sentiment

We are all, quite naturally, implicated in a continual process of selecting words in our conversations and thoughts. Sometimes the selection is between two similar words, and at other times, perhaps between two different approaches. These two descriptions of choice are merely two in a rather vast ocean of possibilities of selection. There are many languages, words, fora, conversations and participants. This problem of how our words and thoughts could have many meanings is something we are both “aware of” and also “ignore” as we live our lives.

However, just because it is routine, it does not mean that we remain immune from problems. We use all sorts of conceptions and ideas – for instance that one’s eyes are the windows to one’s soul – as means by which we think about how to prioritize one meaning over others. This raises questions on how we observe meaning itself, how we carry it, and how we communicate it.

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